Rocket League Items spoke recently on the subject in an interview

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Rocket League Items spoke recently on the subject in an interview

That being said where the Rocket League staff are concerned there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of a real desire or necessity to further monetise something that is by their own admission already self-sustainable. Rocket League Items spoke recently on the subject in an interview with Variety:

“We didn’t even really think about it from a financial perspective. We have enough new players each month to sustain the game, frankly. It’s more about having a short-term experience that engages with players all across the spectrum. I’m a big believer in the one-more-turn compulsion – this idea that, well, I’m only one game away from getting my next tier, so let’s go again.” “I mean, hey, they’re all cosmetics. No impact on gameplay whatsoever. We even let the premium players pay keys to move up a few tiers. If you want the crazy hat, you can just go, man. It doesn’t really matter, you know?”

So is it worth your time and money? For me, I personally cannot stand any kind of hack, official or otherwise, that boosts XP faster than those around you who aren’t forking out money on a game they’ve already purchased, but that’s just me. I’ve got too many games to play and too many mouths to feed to whip out the old credit card when some new hats become available for my virtual car. and I’m content to grind away on the same even keel as everyone else playing the game, satisfied with the money I’ve sunk so far into keys for things that won’t make me a better player or grant me any kind edge. There’s so much fantastic work being done by Psyonix to keep Rocket League fun and exciting and I’ll always be grateful for free stuff, but I won’t be purchasing a premium Pass personally.